City marathon





Leadership Dialogue Conference – a meeting point for communications and media experts to share their vision of leadership as well as building industry future agenda


Eventiada Awards

International communications contest accepts entries from youth, school students as well as corporate, federal, city and community organizations


Future Outlook Research

The research benchmarks opinions of representatives of different generations and reveals trends shaping the future of communications, media and leadership


City Marathon in Support of a Healthy Lifestyle

An athletic charity event that helps promote a healthy lifestyle


About the Forum

The largest event in Russia and Eastern Europe where emerging trends in communications and media are discussed and future agenda of the industry is built



Paul Holmes

Founder and chair of The Holmes Group

Bart de Vries

President of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA)

Svetlana Stavreva

Head of External Relations, Global Technology Services, IBM Europe

Anton Nazarov

Chief Press Officer – Head of Department, Inter RAO, member of the board of directors of PJSC "Mosenergosbyt"

Dr. Anne-Gret Iturriaga Abarzua

Head of communications, INEOS in Cologne, Germany

Natalya Pochinok

Rector of the Russian State Social University (RSSU)

Alexander Tsypkin

Expert in Strategic PR, Writer

Aleksey Smertin

Ambassador of FIFA World Cup 2018

Ilya Politkovskiy

External communications Director YUM! Brands Russia

Vladimir Torin

Director of public relations and communications department, Eurochem, author of the Russian bestseller Amalgama

Nikita Kolobanov

Graduate of MSIC MCAA on the specialty of Advertising and Public Relations, youtube-producer

Ani Aslanyan

Member of the Expert Council on Economic Development of the New Technological Generation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Sergey Skripnikov

Deputy Director for Communications of IIDF

Igor Didenko

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Publishing House "Arguments of the Week", Member of the International Union of Economists

  • Paul Holmes
  • Bart de Vries
  • Svetlana Stavreva
  • Anton Nazarov
  • Dr. Anne-Gret Iturriaga Abarzua
  • Natalya Pochinok
  • Alexander Tsypkin
  • Aleksey Smertin
  • Ilya Politkovskiy
  • Vladimir Torin
  • Nikita Kolobanov
  • Ani Aslanyan
  • Sergey Skripnikov
  • Igor Didenko